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Acorns Investment Application

The automated or robo-advisor investment services became increasingly more popular with the rise of the mobile devices market. Acorns is an application that gives its users an opportunity to begin trading stocks without any knowledge. The app was created by two amateur investors who recognized the opportunity to tap into the market of millennials who want to start investing yet do not know how (Carlozo, 2021). Therefore, the target market of this application appears to be a casual investor who does not have a significant initial sum of money. The application has many options for people who are unable to deposit their earnings, as the digital wallet saves a portion of a user’s expenditures automatically (Arrieche, 2021). Acorns have custodial accounts that allow parents to give kids an opportunity to earn through investments (Arrieche, 2021). By adopting the app, it will be possible to start investing safely and without any significant effort.

However, there are some downsides to using a robo-advisor for investments. This platform is fully automated and does not allow its users to manage even a portion of their portfolios themselves, making it less suitable for learning how to invest without help (Arrieche, 2021). Moreover, as an application that aims to attract investors with fewer investments, Acorns has a flat account management fee that is primarily beneficial for those with higher deposits (Arrieche, 2021). While this app invites new investors into the market and promotes regular yet small transactions, it might not give them sufficient reason to explore other possibilities outside Acorns. Unlike traditional brokers and advisors, Acorns accepts investors with small assets and has relatively low fees (Todd, 2020). However, it can not tailor a specific portfolio that will suit the customer’s needs. In conclusion, Acorns is one of the best robo-advisor investment applications, yet it does not reveal all the nuances of stock trading to its users.


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