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Aspects of Human Resource Management

The article presents information about recruitment, selection processes, and attracting suitable candidates to an open vacancy. This is a source of advice for beginners in Human Resource Management along with professionals in this field. The webpage is divided into several parts, and each of them describes a certain stage of the hiring process. For example, the difference between recruitment and selection, which is a major element of the hiring process, is first explained. Then comes a huge section that has the same name as the article: 7 ways to improve recruitment and selection processes. Here are presented and in detail described 7 methods to heighten the chances of finding the perfect job seeker and employee for the company. Such topics as nailing the perfect job description, discovering talents, using various job boards, correctly mentioning work requirements and preferred skills, and implementing tools for boosting efficiency. For example, the author advises to not simply give the requirements of the job but talk about the role, must-haves for the future employee, perks of this role, and nice to (Anderson, 2021). Attention is paid to the importance of the onboarding process for the company, and the conclusion is made based on the provided information.

This article is quite relevant to Human Resource Management as it is concentrated on recruitment which is the central figure of HR. Kamy Anderson who is the article’s author is an expert in learning management, therefore, she pays attention to the efficiency of her writing and its clarity (Anderson, 2021). Those notes on the website provide a huge variety of materials related to the hiring process starting from the strategy or job description creation to the choice of the perfect candidate. HRM is important for businesses as it is responsible for finding the right people who will serve the organization and be passionate about it. This paper is quite important as it explains the basic principles of the recruitment process and the most significant criteria for choosing the perfect employee. The greater the number of job seekers attracted to the company, and the better the quality of their knowledge, the bigger profit they can make and the higher effectiveness can be reached. However, the article provides the readers with no information about actual employee management, therefore, it does not fully cover the topic of HRM.

As a student, I highly appreciate this article as it explains to me the most relevant information for an HR manager, helps in the understanding of the ideal job description, and the importance of recruitment. Within this framework, I can comprehend the basic steps of the hiring and selection process, and learn some credible platforms for looking for a job or finding future employees. This webpage is one of the best, in my opinion, as it explains the information clearly, in a simple language that is understandable for everyone even a non-specialist on the subject. The information on the webpage is well-structured, organized, harmonious, and visually attractive, therefore, this article is can be rated high based on diverse criteria. For me, as a future job seeker, this topic is especially important as its understanding will help me estimate the professionalism of the company that is offering a job. Based on the information given on that webpage I can understand the different companies’ HRM’s level of knowledge based on their job descriptions, and it will help me decide whether I want to work there.


Anderson, K. (2021). 7 ways to improve recruitment and selection processes. Coassmble. Web.

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