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Bradley Brew Market Project Analysis

The brewery market is highly competitive and implies significant regulations to follow. Businesses should be ready to operate in this environment to generate some benefits. However, the industry’s expected rise and a solid consumer base demonstrate that the market also has significant opportunities that can result in business development.

Bradly Brew Project (BBP) is a microbrewery that focuses on improving customer experience.

BBP provides its customers with a wide range of beverages, both traditional and innovative.

The product’s advantage manifests itself in variability, meaning that everyone can find a suitable beverage.

The product is compatible since it does not contradict consumers’ lifestyles.

Increased product variability results in the product’s complexity.

The menu shows which beer types are new, contributing to the product’s trialability.

The product can be observed through the BBP’s electronic resources.

The lack of good advertising can be considered a significant problem.

BBP operates in Bradley Beach, New Jersey.

The region features many pedestrians and beach visitors. That is why outdoor advertising and printed materials can be suitable communication forms in the area.

Beer is bought for in-house consumption and from To Go Menu. Customers’ preferences refer to cold, fresh, delicious, and reasonably-priced beer. Consumers tend to place orders online and reserve tables in advance in the region.

The product is typically distributed through breweries and offline selling spots. Such spots denote that intermediaries are standard in the market.

Social media and outdoor advertising are leading ways to reach the target market. Coupons and discounts are popular means to attract consumers.

For beer retailers, customary markups of more than 300% are typical. Contractual, order-specific, and volume accounts can be found.

Asbury Park Brewery and Little Dog Brewing are some of the leading competitors. Their features include stouts, lagers, and unfiltered beverages with or without flavors. Thus, Asbury Park Brewery distributes canned beer with impressive packaging. Little Dog Brewing allows consumers to choose individual cans.

Asbury Park Brewery does not indicate prices on its website. A can of beer by Little Dog Brewing is $7.50-$8.00.

The competitors rely on social media to promote their products.

The competitors distribute their beer through offline selling spots and deal with online orders.

Average craft beer sales growth is 4.4%, leading to rising sales in 2021.

BBP is also going to witness increased sales to reflect the industry tendency.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau monitors the operation of breweries.

Regulations include excise taxation as well as labeling and advertising requirements.

The marketing plan demonstrates that BBP should invest in advertising, offer individualized packages, develop new beer types, and use appropriate pricing strategies to attract more consumers and maximize profits.

The target market consists of middle-class adults who are typical visitors of Bradley Beach. It refers to people of all genders, marital statuses, and nationalities.

The forecast sales are 500,000-1,000,000 barrels of beer by the end of the fifth year.

The brewery is expected to earn at least $200,000 by the end of the fifth year.

Strengths are a productive business environment sin and reasonable prices.

Weaknesses include the absence of an extensive base of loyal customers and a limited financial base.

Opportunities refer to introducing new recipes and providing individuals with various discounts.

The most significant threat refers to aggressive competition in the market.

Cold and delicious beer is the core component. Notes of coffee, citrus, pine, and others can be added.

Unique packaging can make the product recognizable in the market.

Sufficient brewery equipment and appropriate maintenance procedures are required.

An advertising objective is to make many potential customers familiar with the brand. It is useful to rely on email letters, social media, and billboards. A marketing message should reflect that the brewery will manage to meet every consumer’s tastes and needs. Advertisements should also reflect costs that should be medium throughout the market.

A sales promotion objective is to motivate potential customers to purchase the product. Coupons are adequate to attract consumers. Premiums are also useful since they help individuals develop a sense of belonging to the brand. Medium prices can promote sales because they demonstrate that the brand offers a product of decent quality.

The brewery will obtain its raw materials, including beer ingredients and packaging, and equipment from local distributors. This scenario will feature reasonable prices minimum documents required. It refers to contracts with distributors and statements of origin to ensure that the ingredients are of high quality.

As has been mentioned, the brewery will distribute its products through offline selling sports. That is why no retailers, import/export agents, or intermediaries are included.

A private and climate-controlled warehouse should be present in the brewery building.

Low transportation and storage costs allow the brewery to set low prices to attract more customers.

However, the necessity to pay taxes and employee fees allows the brand to establish medium prices to maximize its benefits.

Terms of sale, including EX works, FOB, FAS, C&F, and CIF, are not applicable for the brewery because it does not work with large transporters.

The brewery will only deal with cash payments.

The brewery does not require a large marketing budget since it only includes financial resources to establish billboards and product costs.

Pro forma annual profit and loss statements are required for every year to identify whether changes are necessary to achieve the desired goals.

$100,000 is necessary for the business to operate and reckon on the stipulated benefits.

Personnel of 10-12 employees is necessary to serve the clients.

Production capacity should be sufficient to serve more than 100,000 barrels of beer per year.

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