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Examine Principles Related to Human Resource Management


For the successful running of a company and its effective relationship with employees, it is essential to consider HRM principles. They include the following principles: the principle of proper selection, the principle of personal growth, the principle of fair pay, the principle of incentives, the principle of equal participation, the principle of teamwork, the principle of dignity of labor, labor-management principle.

Following these principles, motivation and employees’ interest in a company may be achieved, which leads to productive results.

HRM Competencies

The HRM competency model can help HR personnel improve professionally and have productivity development. This model includes nine essential competencies: HR expertise, relationship management, consulting, leadership and navigation, communication, global and cultural effectiveness, ethical practice, critical evaluation, and business acumen.

Today McDonald’s has become one of the world’s largest franchised food service chains. The corporation counts more than 36,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. McDonald’s mission is “to be customers’ favorite place and way to eat – with inspired people who delight each customer with unmatched quality, service, cleanliness and value every time.” Felgate (2020) states that one of the means of performance management is the “common HRM practice of moderating individual performance ratings” (p. 6). Three competencies (relationship management, communication, global and cultural effectiveness) will determine how a company successfully grows its business.

Relationship management shows that the company constantly takes care of its visibility, including Media and TV advertisements, to provide potential clients’ acknowledgment of the company. McDonald’s has essential customer service that ensures its customers’ satisfaction. The company provides employee engagement, teamwork, and mutual respect toward its colleges.

Communication competency works in the company through highly diplomatic employees and strong Social Media feedback.

Global and cultural effectiveness competency presents a company’s effectiveness in interacting with different cultures and populations. Through diverse commercial companies, it can be seen how the company pays attention to cultural aspects, traditions, and religious background. In many countries, McDonald’s does not offer particular food according to religion or cultural differences. The company shows tolerance and awareness of actual tendencies.

Compensation Approach

McDonald’s designs a compensation approach for the Customer Support position. The employee’s responsibility is to answer customers’ complaints and to build trustful communication with them. This job implies stressful situations, being able to take responsibility and represent the company’s image. According to reinforcement theory, the employee showing good results should be rewarded or promoted to increase the correct behavior. Contrary, wrong behavior should be followed with a punishment. The negative results of such a plan may be employee indifference through both reinforcement and punishment. Expectancy theory means a constant stimulation of employees’ quality performance. It makes sure that employees will always be motivated to work better, expecting a reward, such as additional payment for a specific or overtime work. Possible difficulties might be loss of employee’s interest in case of low reward value. According to agency theory, to motivate employees to work better for the company’s profit, it is necessary to make an employee a collaborator who will, for example, get a percentage of income depending on the performance. A customer support assistant could be rewarded for successful communication that solved customers’ dissatisfaction.


It is important to remember that motivation and stimulation of employees lead to better performance and loyalty to the company. In HRM, it is crucial to comply with the competency model, which lets employees and employers work for each other’s profit. HRM principles will let specialists become more professional in their field and increase productivity.


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