Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our website. If you’re interested in certain aspects of Essay4Business’ operations, we’d recommend you to check it out before reaching out to us. Chances are that you’ll find the answer here.

Where did Essay4Business get all the papers to post as free samples?

Our essay samples collection features students’ works that have been voluntarily submitted to us. Essay4Business reaches out to learners who have excelled in their studies in high schools and universities. They can share the papers they've written as examples with other students if they're willing to do so. On our website, we also have a section where people can donate their old works.

Do you have quality assurance for the works you publish?

We have a team of editors who look over each work to ensure it is free of grammatical, stylistic, and factual errors. They also check to see if the essays adhere to a particular citation style.

How can I benefit from using the paper examples in your database?

If you're having trouble writing papers, you might get disheartened. You have the option of completing the task on your own or following the advice of others. Sure, there are no free essay writers, and finding a good professional can take a long time and effort. We do, however, have a workaround. We give you access to a huge database of examples you can utilize. As a result, you'll get inspired, overcome writer's block, learn more about the topic you'd like to write a paper about, become familiar with a particular citation style, and have a list of resources to start studying.

What topics does your database cover?

It's easier to say what we don't have than to convey what we do have. Our database is vast, with tens of thousands of publications covering virtually every business-related topic imaginable. There is something for everyone, from fundamental essays about business concepts to case studies and in-depth investigations.

I’ve stumbled upon a great paper on your website and want to see more works like this. How can I do that?

You can look through the “relevant works” section on each sample's page if you want to continue your research on our website. You can also browse the listings in the category of the paper you want to read.

Are there only essays in your database or do you have other types of works?

We began by exclusively posting essays, but as the database developed, we realized there was no need to be so restricted. As a result, our website includes case studies, essays, reviews, analysis papers, critical writing, and other types of academic papers.

Are your examples really free? No hidden fees?

Yes, you are free to use the works offered by our service. Our mission is to help struggling students in every way possible without cheating or breaking school laws. As a result, all of the materials on this website are strictly for study purposes.

Does your database feature full works or just snippets of papers?

Essay4Business provides samples of students' complete papers. Because we do not earn from the usage of these works, we have no obligation to just provide fragments. Because the papers we provide are intended solely for study purposes, it's only natural that we post them in full.

Do you publish examples by requests? I need a work on a specific topic.

We have a large sample database. Although requests cannot be met, new works are added on a regular basis. It's worth stopping by every now and then; you never know, you might get lucky and find exactly what you're looking for.

Can I submit one of your database samples as my own?

The entire Essay4Business staff is fiercely opposed to academic dishonesty. Any attempt to break the rules or otherwise cheat in order to boost grades is strongly condemned. Completing written assignments is, in our opinion, an important part of the educational process. At the same time, we acknowledge that some people are better writers than others. We provide free essay samples to help struggling students find inspiration, get insight into a topic, or get a starting point for undertaking their own research. Submitting one of our prewritten articles as your own is strictly prohibited.

What is the proper way of using essay samples?

You can draw inspiration from our samples or learn more about the subject you've selected. Each sample's sources can be utilized as a starting point for your own research. If you want to use any of the essay's content, make sure you reference it correctly according to your citation style rules.

Can I share one of my essays?

Having high criteria for the written work we accept, we usually contact students ourselves. There is, however, a place on our website where you can contribute your own paper. Simply fill out the form and attach the file. We'll review it and, if it meets our criteria, we'll publish it on our website.

What if I want the essay that I submitted to your database removed?

If you've donated a paper to our website and no longer want it to be available, you can submit a content removal request. Please visit the page and fill out the form there. We will remove the content when we have looked into your request.

What else can your website offer?

At the moment, we’re only offering free access to our samples database of business essays. However, we’re working hard to add more features and content in the future, so stay tuned for that!