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H&M Brand’s Customer Relationship Management

Today, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools are vital for a successful business. ERP helps to integrate data from various company departments into a single system, allowing personnel access to up-to-date information (Perkins, 2020). Meanwhile, CRM tools provide opportunities to trace and analyze customer interactions to deliver better services and increase revenue (Perkins, 2020). This post will discuss CRM technology utilization for fashion chain H&M.

H&M is a successful retailer, with many stores open worldwide. However, CRM technologies can help it increase its client base and promote customer loyalty. The company is recommended to employ software to track online store activity (Mangalindan, 2008). Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can be implemented to analyze shoppers’ online behavior comprehensively. AI software can analyze the data collected from the company’s website and evaluate what attracts consumers to certain clothing pieces or prevents purchases (Loten, 2018). Thus, having analyzed the data, the AI will help produce customer-oriented recommendations and analyze the overall interest or lack of it for specific items. Marketing and designer teams can use the AI software to offer more desirable clothing to the clients and account for most purchased cuts, fits, colors, and materials.

Furthermore, H&M can utilize CRM technologies to make the online shopping experience simpler and more enjoyable. Many online buyers can be disappointed with how the bought clothing piece looks on them compared to the model. Thus, the retailer is recommended to install applications to allow consumers to try the clothes out on the photograph of themselves. This technology will contribute to online shopping being more memorable and customer-centric (Borkowski et al., 2016). It can also be used to stage contests between shoppers on the best online looks, with the winners being awarded the items they applied online to their picture. Overall, CRM technology is likely to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as company revenue.

In summary, CRM and ERP tools are essential for promoting company growth as they aim to develop better communication with the clients and within the business. H&M is advised to employ AI software to analyze online shoppers’ activity and determine what clothing trends are more popular and profitable. In addition, technology to try clothing online using specialized software should be implemented to appeal to more buyers and promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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