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Historically Black Morgan State University

Morgan State University is an institution that enrolls most international students worldwide. Currently, the university offers a variety of undergraduate programs and several masters and baccalaureate programs. The university houses students from within the USA and outside the country. The current enrollment is 7,000, involving local and international students (“Services,” 2021). Managing the student population requires several specialized services, such as financial aid, crime prevention, and medical services. Firstly, financial aid and assistance; most students encounter financial problems, especially when they are in the middle of their studies periods. The challenges vary from transportation, food services, medical funds, and other social needs. Most students tend to drop out of college education or pause their studies to gather the necessary funds to tackle financial problems in school. Providing such services will increase the students’ graduation rates in school, thereby promoting the welfare of society and that of students.

Secondly, managing the population requires crime prevention within and outside the school boundary. The university requires a specialized unit that focuses on handling students’ crimes and understanding the extent of the crimes. The security of students and their property is a crucial concern when handling the student population at Morgan State University. There are cases where students have been raped and others robbed, making it difficult to continue their studies (“Services,” 2021). Thirdly, the university requires specialized medical services that help handle students’ physical and mental conditions. Similar to other institutions, many chronic illnesses, mental instability, and other mild infections affect the students. Some fear exposing mental and health problems due to fear of being despised by other students. This makes it crucial for the university to have a specialized medical center.

There are several ways in which Morgan State University markets itself. These include; increasing diversity within the institution, creating off-campus programs, marketing university strength, high school to college transition programs, and maximum utilization of alumni network. Firstly, diversity within the university has promoted increased enrollment (“Services,” 2021). Diversity is a great marketing tool, as students prefer going to institutions where they can learn from other groups. This makes them feel safe as they interact with other groups, increasing student enrollment. Secondly, the university markets itself by promoting student performance within the institution. Many people prefer institutions centered on excellence, as everyone wants to succeed (“Services,” 2021). Thirdly, the high school-to-college transition is an effective marketing technique that the university uses to increase its performance. This program increases the number of students within the institution. Lastly, the alumni network provides a suitable marketing section for the institution. Many prefer joining the institution because of the successful alumni of the institution.


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