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Human Resource Management Competencies


For any organization the most important aspect is the people working with them, who contribute to the achievements of the organization. And it is the duty of the organization to manage the employees correctly and to look after them. It is also called “personal management” (Reed and DeFillippi, 2005) is modern day, and a person who is working in the human resource department of a company has to be extra careful in his approach to his work.

Role of the HRM professional

In recent times, environmental changes are really fast and the way the organizations handle them are changing too. Actually they have to be really particular about the opportunities offered to the human resources. As a HR professional, a person has to be an “Employee Advocate” (Becker 2004) as well as they have to decide the strategies for the organizations, and both of the tasks are as different as chalk and cheese and surely very tough. The roles of HR professionals are evolving day-by-day. In short, the HR work of the future can be more demanding than ever. The HR functions of the future can be charted as below:

  1. The HR personnel have to develop a vision for the future, and they must learn the value propositions for the organization and make sure that the strategies do not fail.
  2. Focus on more strategic outcomes for the organizations.
  3. They will have to re-evaluate their roles as they are the only link between the management and the workers of the organization.
  4. They will have to keep an open eye to all the recent developments in the organizations and also the competitors of the organizations only to stay in the break-neck competition of recent times (Becker, 2004).

To be able to do all these functions a HR person has to be much more strategic and action oriented, and to be successful in this line one has to change the behavior pattern and attitude towards the work thoroughly.

Current trends and how to Face them

All the organizations are different from one another in their business strategies and their maintenance, so there can be no fixed text book way of handling the situations that can solve the problems of an organization. But there are some aspects that can remain the same in all cases. HR persons have to maintain focus on the business partners and with it develop a value proposition of activities of the organization too. Eliminating all the sources that are not beneficial to the organization are one of the most important tasks of an HR person. They have to define the activities of the organization and put right importance on the aspects that provide more profit for the organization. Even they can form teams to do everything with proper importance (Becker, 2004).

Restaurant Industry

For the restaurant industry, the capital management will be tougher as it will serve food to customers. They will have to look for both the quality and the price of the products and in this case identifying potential group of customers and making a market survey will be the most important aspect of the job (Reed and DeFillippi, 2005).

The Future

Another important job of the HR department is to create performance development machinery which will help to maximize the growth opportunities for the employees and hence the overall productivity will increase. This will also help to track the work details of the employees and which will ultimately measure the development of the enterprise (Wernerfelt, 2008).


In recent times both the responsibility and complexity of the job of a HR person has grown immensely. For the help of the HR jobs now a HR job can be divided into three clear types like HR Product (or Service Specialist, one who looks after the product and services of an organization), HR generalist (internal customer assessment and managing the work force according to the needs) and the HR Strategist. All these persons can surely solve all the demands of an enterprise in the Global Market (Wernerfelt, 2008).


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