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Impact of Responsible Leadership on Organizational Performance

No doubt, responsible leadership has an impact on organizational performance. It has become a compulsory company’s attribute. Modern business is impossible without implementing it. Concerning my knowledge of the topic, it will affect both my personal and professional life significantly. For instance, as the ethical aspect of responsibility spreads widely, it cannot avoid touching on each person’s life. Personally, the necessity to be responsible for every action would not allow me to behave offensively in my private life, implying thinking of the background of people I am communicating with carefully. This concerns being more open-minded and tolerable in every sphere of life.

Regarding the organizational developments, it is of great benefit to know the basic principles of responsible business, meaning ethical and values-related operational and strategic management. According to Copeland, “underlying values found in ethical leaders include altruism, honesty, empathy, empowerment, fairness, and justice” (65). These are quickly implicated to any banking company, as it is a vivid example of the financial sector in general. For example, as a banker, I would concern the ethical side of strategic planning, including such aspects as social responsibility. They would include the company’s participation in social initiatives, support of socially essential projects on ecology, social inequality, and other meaningful topics. The bank’s reputation would partly depend on these actions, so I would provide opportunities for the bank to follow the modern rules and show its responsibility to the market and consumers.

Considering the professional developments, the mentioned above topic would influence my interactions with colleagues and broaden my mind in goal setting. For example, I would not limit my professional interests to the financial and material aspects of the job. It would also be essential for me to know that my professional performance is beneficial for society and the bank. Therefore, I would take the initiative in maintaining the moral image of the bank and would not ever get related to fraud.

Equality and assessment of employees’ potential according to their performance are natural. Fortunately, it is becoming the norm in many companies worldwide. On a personal level, this means that no unfair approach to me, my colleagues, or my family is acceptable. Thus, I would avoid any prejudice concerning people based on their gender, which is unnecessarily judgemental (Birindelli et al., 2019). I would also try to develop my emotional intelligence skills, for example, the ability to listen to my colleagues’ problems to help them get back to work faster as a result of relieving.

On an organizational level, knowledge of the topic would imply avoiding toxic leadership style as it destroys the organizational structure, corporate culture, and performance rates. For example, I would never shout at my colleagues or employees, as such emotional behavior is unacceptable and may affect their attitude towards other people or me. Establishing bigger bonuses for male employees in comparison with females is also inappropriate.

Finally, on a professional level, the topic would practically concern the style of work-related communications. For instance, building a career in the banking sector, I would appreciate every ambitious colleague despite their gender or any other characteristics apart from professional skills. To be more exact, if we are in the same conditions, I would be happy if any of us got a promotion as a result of honest work.

To conclude, nothing is more critical for business and, especially for the banking sector, as it is connected with constant communications with different people, than to keep up with the tendencies of the time. Business is one of the most significant and most potent triggers of social changes, so it undoubtedly should be socially and ethically responsible and tolerable to all genders and non-judgemental. Hence, the changes in society must be reflected in the business in general, its structure and culture, and in employees’ values.

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