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Importance of Workplace Culture

The workplace culture is undoubtedly one of the most significant aspects that contribute to the organization’s efficiency. However, the working atmosphere is established not only by the employer but also by the employees who share the same ideas regarding the company’s future and its aims. As a matter of fact, my department has recently experienced a significant change in the workplace culture, which yielded numerous benefits to the personnel and, consequently, increased their productivity.

It feels significant to note that the drastic shift from the approach focused on sales to the empowerment one enhanced the working positions for my colleagues and me. It is vital to apply the system that benefits every worker within the company to sustain or increase their job satisfaction, which enhances their performance (Cote, 2017). Naturally, every member of our department’s community does not feel undervalued or judged since this change definitely assisted us in advancing teamwork. Besides, the rank is no more significant as everyone’s contribution is highly valuable for the department’s performance and success. An increase in wages is another benefit of empowerment culture at the workplace as employees feel confident making suggestions to the leaders and discussing their positions at the company. In addition, any conflicts at the department are resolved in a fair way, considering that the managers do not have biased views so that every employee has equal opportunities in the working environment. Fortunately, our company has not experienced any drawbacks of such a workplace culture as it is based on enhancing every employee’s wellbeing within the department.

To sum up, the changes in the workplace culture are usually provoked by the need to adjust the approach to increase the productivity and efficiency of the instituion. Therefore, to avert the only focus on the company’s revenues harmed the staff in terms of them being unable to maintain work-life balance. The switch to the empowerment culture naturally yielded various benefits to the employees and enhanced their satisfaction with their jobs.


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