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Leadership Theory in Management

The word leadership refers to a social process of persuading individuals to carry out certain duties. In the modern world, conservative meaning of this idiom has changed. Individuals or groups have unique needs and characteristics through this:

  • One should understand their own characteristic and needs.
  • Leaders should understand the characteristics of each participant therefore helping to deal with each person as an individual, treating the individual with mutual respect and helping in growth.
  • Through this understanding, leadership helps in planning for the program and relevantly getting things done.
  • In this same understanding, leadership creates trust and builds confidence amongst participants.

The theory of leadership in the new millennium is not linked to power in any way. Modern leaders believe in working with other employees to achieve desired results. This implies that leaders do not sit back and command employees work but they get involved in production.

Efficient leadership form the backbone of a victorious organization because it allows a business to use its resources proficiently. Although it is much more famous in the commercial world, the same strategy is relevant in different quarters, including games and political affairs. In an organization that leadership is accepted as part of management principle, workers show a positive mind-set hence increasing the level of performance. Conversely, a firm depicted by poor leadership has a negatively inspired work atmosphere that leads to poor performance (Northouse, 2007).

In business administration, leaders play key roles in accomplishing an organization’s goals. The onus is on individuals working as the top brass to categorize strong points and limitations of the labor force and use them efficiently to realize the objectives set by the organization. More often than not, the malfunction of a firm can be accredited to poor leadership. Lack of skills to develop a valuable policy and more significantly, execute it can cause low profits in a firm. Apart from supervisory role, the manager has to encourage and lead his/her squad towards victory. As a chief executive of a firm, the person on that position is also required to boost the spirits of his workers by appreciating their strengths, identifying their limitations and understanding their problems. Lack of harmony between two units in a firm is an ideal recipe for failure. Therefore, the management has to bear the responsibility of harmonizing various units in a business. The administration has to formulate a pleasant working atmosphere and this is only possible if individuals at the leadership position are familiar to its value. This allows employees to conduct their duties well (Northouse, 2007).

A number of individuals choose to undertake administrative courses in order to instill these leadership abilities and skills in themselves whereas others acquire them through experience. It is advisable to note that efficient leadership is not simply issuing commands. It also consists of different leadership traits such as negotiation, understanding, revolutionary approach, persistence and a bit of callousness. An excellent manager does not only issue instructions but also formulates a vision for his/her group members and guides them towards achieving the objective.

Finally, understanding the significance of leadership skills is compulsory. Therefore, the number of workers in an organization does not matter. Managerial skills play vital role in maximizing profits and achieving goals. Without leadership, an organization is bound. Managers must be trained to be good leaders.


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