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Management Problems of Lime Scooters

Lime Scooters is a transport company headquartered in San Francisco, USA. It provides electric bikes, standard pedal bikes, and other vehicle-sharing products. The corporation is considered one that cannot match the worldwide guidelines for its operations. They provide an enjoyable, low-cost vacation alternative but are utilized chiefly by young, wealthy, white guys (Reinhardt & Deakin, 2020). To increase fairness, cities are forcing e-scooter rental firms to serve low-income and minority populations. Cities aim to minimize problems of congestion, pollution, and traffic accidents throughout the world. Lime Scooters are one such example of a firm that has been accused of failing to fulfill specific regulatory standards (Gossling, 2020). The public has embraced them with zeal, as cities have battled with unanticipated effects such of recklessness, littering, or destruction. The industry’s compliance is a significant challenge for most firms. One city’s approach to disruptive technology may not work for another city. For Lime e-scooters, there are several disparities when comparing various definitions and laws (Hambrick &Pond, 2020). Considering the fast rate at which new micro-mobility technology is being conceived and produced, standards for new transportation devices will allow cities and states to adapt to the latest technologies in a timely way (Ranchordás & Goanta, 2020).

The issue of corporate social responsibility is an issue to do with the interaction between Lime Scooters and the society with which it does business. The issue can be linked to the controlling function of management. Controlling is concerned with measuring accomplishment against the standards and adjustment of deviance, if any, to ensure corporate goals. The objective of controlling is to guarantee that everything operates according to the norms. If Lime had established sufficient control measures, the issue of CSR would have been addressed without much concern. The issue of compliance has to do with meeting the regulatory framework set up by the governments The issue can be linked to the planning function of management. It involves with marking out a path of performance and selecting the most appropriate line of activities for attaining set goals. Lime Scooters would have dealt with the compliance issues by planning before venturing into every new market. Employee management has also been a significant issue facing Lime Scooters in its operation. The issue is linked to the staffing function of management. The function deals with the management of employees in an organization. Lime Scooters can avoid problems with employee management by improving its operation of the staffing function of management.


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