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Monster Energy Drink Marketing

Competitive Advantages

The beverage market and particularly the energy drink market, is highly competitive. Therefore may be critical to utilize a wide variety of techniques in order to maintain existing competitive advantages and not miss emerging opportunities. Monster energy drink products are well-established beverage products with a number of considerable competitive advantages. First, Monster has a highly developed and broadly recognized brand with a distinctive logotype, which provides loyal customers and maintains a significant market share. Second, the company is focused on energy drinks as a primary product and hence is able to produce high-quality energy drinks with a reasonable pricing policy. Third, Monster provides a wide range of energy drinks, which allows the company to control various market niches. The product line also includes sugar-free products for people who are concerned about health issues. Finally, Monster registered a large number of trademarks, which allow it to maintain and expand its loyal audience.

Market Niche and Positioning Strategy

Monster’s positioning strategy allows it to meet the demand in diverse segments successfully. Even though it primarily targets young athletes and party-goers, it also addresses other audiences. As the gaming industry develops and expands, gamers represent a significant part of energy drink consumers. The market niche is increasing quickly and may offer substantial opportunities. Monster Beverage should place greater emphasis on the above-mentioned market niche in order to gain the trust of emerging consumers and establish a loyal customer base among gamers. Gaming and particularly professional gaming, is an energy-consuming activity, which interferes with sleeping schedules. Therefore, it may be beneficial to position monster energy drinks as products that may allow gamers to perform better.

Positioning Statement

To gamers, Monster energy drinks represent the only type of beverage that provides the needed energy and improves performance because Monster works with athletes since 2002.

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