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Motivation Theory Assignment


Need Theory developed by David McClelland stands out among a relatively large number of different motivation theories. It describes the influence of human needs, according to their behavior, and contains the need for achievement, need for power, and need for affiliation. To correctly assign human resources and successfully motivate the workforce by proper tasks, managers should take into account such a psychological aspect. Therefore, this paper aims to distinguish what need is the most vital for a person to provide the best results.

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As for me, since my very childhood, I have been distinguished as the achiever because the predominant feature of my character is purposefulness. While learning new things and coming up with creative ideas to improve something or make something unique pushes me to work harder every day. Besides, I cannot stand either too easy tasks or too complicated as far as the first way does not prove my competence, and the second gives me a high-stress level.

The results of the survey were a bit surprising to me. Although the motivational behavior report presented that the offer of a reward such as promotion will keep me motivated to complete challenging activities, it also states that I am not typically a nervous person. On the contrary, I believe reasonable nervousness is healthy and an inalienable part of an attentive to details employee. However, I initially suspected that my main need may be a need for power (Osemeke & Adegboyega, 2017, pp. 170). Meeting deadlines or goals by mentoring others and realizing their true potential keeps me motivated.

Finally, it is significant to create various effective tools to improve employee engagement and increase work productivity in the company. For instance, instead of using workers’ recognition, Google Corporation ensures employee involvement and communication via creative recreation spaces. Affiliative people can build the necessary relationship with colleagues (Osemeke & Adegboyega, 2017, pp. 171). Moreover, when distance working is provided, it either lays more responsibility on the employees or gives them more time to focus on tasks in a comfortable environment.


In conclusion, it has been detected that the personality test can provide us with a way to categorize different characteristics or traits that we might otherwise not be aware of. These tests can be used for self-reflection, job placement, and learning how to better interact with others in a team. Thus, organizations should aspire to adopt McClelland’s theory in motivating their employees.


Osemeke, M., & Adegboyega, S. (2017). Critical review and comparism between Maslow, Herzberg and McClellands theory of needs. Business and finance, 1(1), 161-173.

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