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Organizational Behavior and the Related Issues at Etihad


The current lack of cohesion in the organizational performance of the Etihad Airlines staff jeopardizes the company’s efficacy and the safety of passengers, as well as crewmembers. Therefore, to improve its functioning, Etihad Airways will have to introduce better guidelines with improved and enhanced visuals, while also implementing training sessions based on simulations. Thus, the extent of crisis preparedness and the focus on passenger safety will be increased.

Keywords: Etihad Airlines, organizational behavior, the airline industry


In the airline industry, the ability to act in a coordinated way and adhere to instructions precisely is central to facilitating a positive experience, as well as ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers and the crew. Therefore, maintaining rigid corporate policies concerning the management of organizational behaviors in the workplace is crucial in the airline industry. However, multiple problems occur in the environment of the airline industry as far as the organizational behavior guidelines are concerned. Specifically, the problem of fragmented and rather static organizational performance deserves to be outlined as requiring an immediate solution (Jory et al., 2019). This paper argues that by introducing the tools such as training, drills, and updated guidelines with improved visualization Etihad Airways will be able to improve its performance significantly due to better-coordinated work.

Analysis: Poor Coordination and the Use of Simulations

The lack of effective coordination of actions and the absence of clear guidelines needed for cooperation and management of possible crises is the main problem within the organizational behavior framework of Etihad Airways. As several types of research show, the company has been suffering from a lack of consistency in communication among staff members, mainly due to “lax monitoring” (Jory et al., 2019, p. 4). While the described issues have not affected the company yet, Etihad Airways must address the described concern to avoid possible disasters in the future by redesigning its guidelines and visualizing them better by using innovative technology.

Currently, training is central to the improvement in the performance of Etihad Airways’ staff. Specifically, ensuring that the company employees, from air traffic controllers to pilots to flight attendants, are ready to face emergencies and possible disasters, is vital. Thus, the extent of passenger safety will be increased, while staff members will be ready to respond to emergencies promptly and efficiently. Furthermore, the specified approach will allow mitigating critical risks that an unprecedented situation may entail (Alavosius et al., 2017). Thus, Etihad Airlines must consider investing in the development of training sessions for providing staff members with detailed and exact guidelines, as well as vital skills.

It is also believed that the training sessions will help staff members to develop the sense of responsibility, particularly, the Corporate Social Responsibility, needed to maintain control over the situation during flights and keep the process as safe for passengers and other stakeholders as possible. The specified change will entail a more careful attitude toward the management of flights and, therefore, the elimination of the errors caused by the human factor (Hassan & Maitlo, 2020). Thus, the active emphasis on the issue of safety and the introduction of training and drills for the employees to manage crises will be needed to address the current problems in organizational behaviors.


Maintaining the safety of passengers, the crew, and other stakeholders involved is the primary objective at Etihad, which is why the company should reconsider its approach toward managing organizational behaviors. Namely, the focus on clear, accurate, and detailed guidelines for staff members to adhere to when managing the flight is critical. In addition, employees at Etihad Airlines will have to be instructed on disaster management more carefully, with simulations and the related training options provided. Thus, in case of crises and emergencies, staff members will be able to select an appropriate response automatically and implement it as fast as possible. The resulting rise in the levels of passenger safety will imply a vast and noticeable improvement for the company.


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