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Organizational Change and Management Methods

Organizational change is the norm in business, but the pace of change has recently increased significantly. In turn, this gives rise to the need to change and companies operating in this market. In order to survive, they need to adapt to globalization and technological progress, new collaboration principles, and a different generation of workers. This essay aims to analyze the various methods of managing such changes by companies.

The need for change and adaptation to both internal and external conditions is undeniable. However, the question is how to acclimate to these changes. As practice shows, developing a practical approach is complex for many companies since it is necessary to consider all possible conditions (Brock, 2013). One cannot account for globalization without considering new Internet technologies that increase access to international markets. Therefore, it is necessary to use a systematic approach that can allow entire organizations to change in a unified direction (Brock, 2012). An example of such a method can be a diagnostic-dialogic model that speeds up organizational processes and improves organizational interaction (Brock, 2013). In addition, several dilemmas can be resolved in this way, such as the choice of approach and how to measure change. A study by Brock (2013) demonstrates that using systemic solutions increases efficiency. Therefore, companies that want to adapt to the market must restructure their organizational activities following special models.

This issue can also be considered not from the perspective of actions and organizational changes but the organization’s overall culture. Reforms designed to improve efficiency can be introduced in tremendous amounts, but their benefit will be small if employees disagree with them. This situation can be improved by influencing managers, changing their general culture, and building new values ​​into work (O’Neill, 1990). Only by creating an atmosphere in which all employees understand and support globalization, technological progress, and other factors can significant changes be brought about.

Thus, companies need to adopt and adapt a systematic approach to change to implement successful and rapid change. It is necessary to focus not on one or two factors but all at once, using special models designed for this. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the organizational culture so that the introduced changes do not meet opposition from the employees. Finally, these two methods can be combined because the system can act through culture just as culture can change systemically.


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