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Personal Development Plan: SWOT Analysis


  • As a leader, I manage time efficiently and encourage my colleagues to do so.
  • I am a good listener, communicator, and problem-solver. These attributes are essential to support the functioning of an organizational team.
  • I know how to guide others to solve their differences and focus on the targeted goal.
  • I always put the needs of my followers first and encourage them to complete their respective tasks in a timely manner.
  • The concept of critical thinking makes it easier for me to guide others effectively, strategize, and implement additional strategies that can support the delivery of the intended goals.


  • The first weakness that I can improve is the inability to lead groups characterized by individuals with diverse backgrounds.
  • I believe that my problem-solving abilities are not fully developed.
  • I also lack patience when guiding and mentoring others to learn and focus on the targeted organizational goals.
  • I lack the required creativity that I can apply to guide others to become more innovative and eventually make the targeted company profitable and sustainable.
  • Sometimes I find it hard to formulate and set clear guidelines and expectations for my respective followers.


  • The diversity recorded in many workplaces today could guide me to improve my skills and offer culturally competent support to both my colleagues and workers.
  • As a good listener and communicator, I can consider the importance of having larger groups and encourage the members to focus on the targeted organizational goals.
  • Modern technologies are capable of presenting numerous insights, styles, and ideas that I can utilize to improve my skills as a leader.
  • I can liaise with different theorists and supervisors in my organization to improve my competencies in the area of leadership continuously.


  • Since workplaces are becoming more diverse, I might be unable to apply my current leadership skills to empower the targeted followers.
  • With my current competencies, I should consider additional plans to improve my style since many workers have bargaining power more than ever before.
  • The occurrence of differences and disagreements could undermine my abilities as a leader.
  • Many companies are in need of managers who can apply different styles depending on the existing situations and the anticipated goals.


The above SWOT analysis has exposed several attributes about my overall leadership style that I need to maintain or improve. First, I have realized that my problem-solving are not fully developed. This gap explains why I might be unable to meet the demands of my followers. I will consider my current strengths to improve such a skill and empower more individuals to achieve their goals much faster. Second, the analysis has indicated that leaders will tend have specific weaknesses that might interfere with their abilities to empower and mentor others. Fortunately, every individual can consider emerging ideas and concepts to improve his or her leadership style and learn how to make the targeted followers successful. Third, the exercise has compelled me to appreciate the importance of developing competencies that are sensitive to the issue of culture. Such an attribute is essential since many workplaces are becoming more diverse. With the consideration of these issues, I will implement new plans to improve my leadership philosophy, solve some of the identified weaknesses, and engage in continuous learning to support my followers effectively.

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