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Personal Leadership Philosophy Paper


Equating leadership to holding a formal position in the hierarchy of power is a common misconception. For me, leading is impossible without impacting teams at the emotional and moral levels. This essay discusses my leadership philosophy based on responsibility, moral support, loyalty to the team, and firmness.

My Philosophy of Leading

Previous experiences in teams in educational and workplace contexts have encouraged me to recognize individual responsibility and team loyalty as good leaders’ essential traits and values. Having worked with a formal leader who tried to manage internal team processes without actually participating in them, I understand that taking responsibility for interactions between the team’s smaller segments is crucial. Next, I would define loyalty as the determination to keep team members happy while also giving them a sense of security. Therefore, I would like to become an example of a reliable leader for my future colleagues and subordinates.

Inspiring subordinates is nearly impossible without a well-developed skill set. Aside from an excellent understanding of the team’s field of activity, I emphasize the skills linked with emotional intelligence and communication. From my workplace experiences, taking a one-size-fits-all approach to communication with subordinates is a recipe for disaster, especially in culturally and ethnically diverse companies. Notably, favoritism and the failure to consider employees’ unique fears and barriers are the two extremities I would like to avoid as a leader.

Regarding behaviors, for me, acting like a leader involves expressing the desire to support and guide others while staying decisive. In my value system, helping others when they have no skills for achieving something is essential for a leader. At the same time, wasting one’s internal resources on supporting those unwilling to be with the team and contribute to the common goal is not wise and conducive to success. Therefore, instead of tolerating any behaviors, a true leader should be capable of making difficult decisions when necessary.


Finally, my leadership philosophy includes various concepts, including accountability for the team’s life and making team members feel secure. Some elements, such as balancing between supportive behaviors and authoritativeness, require far-sightedness and analysis. This philosophy, I believe, will guide me in establishing a healthy workplace climate.

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