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Researching of Work-Life Balance

When the subject of work-life balance is brought up, it is most common to consider the work and family aspects. However, it is essential to evaluate the significance of other nonworking domains since the labor force is diverse nowadays. According to Gragnano, Simbula, and Miglioretti (2020), the health domain is as vital to the worker as the family and has the ability to affect job satisfaction. As such, future research and practices should focus on the health domain as much as the family domain in the work-life balance.

Work-family balance and life satisfaction are believed to be the employee’s concerns. However, it has been discovered that job satisfaction and work engagement are related to the employee’s work-family balance and life satisfaction (Žnidaršič & Marič, 2021). Thus, focusing on improving the work-life balance and job satisfaction, including a range of demographic variables, can be suggested for future research to increase employees’ work engagement.

Employee performance is one of the most important elements of any organization’s success. Abdirahman, Najeemdeen, Abidemi, et al. (2018) were able to prove that employee performance is directly dependent on work-life balance, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. Therefore, to ensure the company’s sustainability by increasing employee job performance, further research should be conducted to improve the level of employee motivation and enhance their job performance.

Without a doubt, the balance between employee work and life has an impact on both of these domains. According to Haar, Russo, Suñe, et al. (2014), work-life balance is associated positively with life and job satisfaction and negatively with anxiety and depression across many cultures. On that account, future research should include the influence of work-life balance and mental health and the means of sustaining high levels of them.


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