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Shipment Companies. Supply Chain

Modern companies are concentrated on the supply chain expansion throughout the world leading to global logistics complications. As a result the spheres of business and industry strive to develop required strategic steps in order to overcome the problems of possible risks of delay or inappropriate transportations. It is necessary to underline the idea that the product flow can be improved considerably through a number of long term and short term steps to be analyzed; strategic management is considered to be an integral part of IT approaches contributing to solution of the key shipment complications.

One of the central problems faced by shipment companies on their way to supply chain expansion is connected with the quality of delivery service. It is necessary to stress that global logistics providers are to be completely flexible for the purpose of reliable and appropriate quality providing. The problem is connected with the time of delivery and the company’s reaction to customers; needs. It should be noted that modern trade system and supply expansion give an opportunity to deliver goods from all over the world; so, it is important to develop profound technology platform allowing contacting the customers immediately if any problem occurs. This task is to be especially centralized by logistics providers who bear responsibility for their systems visibility; it should be stressed that in such cases logistics companies play a crucial role in providing visibility in real time and giving detail information to the clients as to their goods and any changes faced at the period of delivery.

One of the important steps for shippers is to maintain relationships with logistics providers in order to be aware of proactive and creative solutions to the development of faced problems. In order to secure reliable delivery it is necessary to concentrate of technology approach being the key component; one should mention the idea that the shippers are to guarantee accuracy and required documentation for the clients. The shipments of high value are considered to be the basic goal of any company expanding supply chains; in this case it is important to be aware of delivery window. Analyzing the problem, it is necessary to underline the fact that technological involvement may become a perfect problem solution; it is important to provide online information as to the supply chain details and conditions. Providers and customers are to have direct access to the exception reports and all possible warnings at real time for them to be aware of risk threats which can be faced at the period of delivery.

Strategic management of the analyzed sphere is predominantly concentrated on the visibility aspect allowing the conduct successful business operations of any complex supply chain. It should be noted that integrated IT solutions are aimed at providing necessary global visibility of all the orders, inventory and shipments being involved in complex customers’ supply chains. It is important to develop solid technology systems incorporating proactive event management giving an opportunity to maintain complete control over supply chain activities. Besides, the companies are to collaborate with customers providing support to their systems through the analysis of business models and processes.

The risk of delays can be predicted or minimized by means of pre-clearance of cargo. It is necessary underline the fact that this step involves the import process automation assisting the data flow and maintaining an audit trail for every shipment. One should stress that this strategic way out is aimed at providing certain flexibility and options of transportation insuring moving shipments directly to inland destination.

It is necessary to underline the idea that companies are to make profound analysis of all the possible alternative ports for the purpose of port delays reduction. The utilization of multiple ports gives an opportunity to take advantage of ocean products at a lower price. Besides, it is necessary to focus on such strategies as trans-load and bypass planning providing certain cycle time reduction and appropriate transportation options allowing to avid rail infrastructure and mainstream carrier. It is necessary to underline the fact that this step is not concentrated on strategic engineering or careful planning of implementing the supply chain fundamentals saving the time and efforts of companies’ operations.

One more strategy to be followed is connected with activity-based costing. It is necessary to underline the fact that it is aimed at accuracy increase of cost information by means of relating all the indirect costs to customers’ segments in a precise way. One should note that the introduction and development of activity based costing within the companies provide an opportunity to avoid the distribution of indirect costs on the basis of labor hours or shipments costs, which complicate the process of shipper-customer relationships. The new system development will contribute to detailed economic analysis within the companies’ structures improving operational and strategic decision making processes.

The analysis of worldwide chain supply expansion provided with a clear vision of all the possible problems faced by the companies. The principle steps of the shippers are to be directed to providing quality and reliability to delivery service which is to be based on close shipper-client relationships; this approach allows the customers as well as partners to have a clear vision of the goods delivery changes and threats of risks at a real time giving an opportunity to react quickly and avoid possible losses and damages.

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