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Strategic Plan to Create Financial Literacy

What is a strategy

The world is a diverse system full of small details, crossovers, and variations. Every time humans strive to reach any peak, they find themselves in an abyss of obscurity: there is no guarantee that the chosen path will lead to success. One can rely on hope endlessly, believe in predestination, and be a fatalist, but such measures deprive the individual of the courage and determination to manage their life (Cardone). A strategy is an alternative that allows us to take everything into our own hands and create a plan. It allows the individual to design their lives for six months, a year, or decades to come so that they can be confident in the actions being taken, even if the ultimate goal is incredibly difficult. It is a life strategy that distinguishes successful and independent people from those who find it easier to complain about conditions.

Strategy for Life


At the current stage of life, I am convinced that I want to get full financial literacy and freedom in three years. A little explanation is necessary: I do not overthink ahead, and my savings are either just kept “under the pillow” or thoughtlessly spent on everyday expenses such as clothes, restaurants, or equipment. As a result, on some days between paychecks, my financial account is almost zero, which leads me to despair — against the background of unnecessary spending, I become a person who needs to put off purchases.


If this situation had not lasted more than six months, I would have considered it a random event with no regularity. However, since I started earning my own money, I regularly make the same financial mistake. To achieve economic independence and literacy, I want to start studying investment theory and open my first investor account. Having done this, I am confident that I will handle my money more competently and finally make it work rather than just be kept.

Strategic plan

Now that I have built the final point to which I am going to move, it is important to discuss its path. The strategic plan will allow me to bring my thoughts together, focus on the goal, and achieve it. The first part of my strategy is to study investment theory: there is no need to enroll in an academic course, as qualitative information can be found on the Internet. Thus, with the help of online courses, I will learn more about bonds, stocks, and dividends (Chen). Having arranged the knowledge, I will start to study banks’ financial proposals for opening an investment account — the bank mustn’t take a high commission and give me the necessary authority. Finally, I want to start investing by buying shares on the stock exchange during the first month. In the beginning, it may be low income or not serious investments, but it is crucial to create regularity and to educate me in a culture of financial literacy. Ultimately, only a regular investment approach and critical assessment of cash flows can provide financial literacy. The result I will consider not so much is getting millions of accounts as having full and confident ownership of my own money. This is the only way to go down this path with a clearly defined strategy and a set goal.

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