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Strategic Vision Development at Google vs. EasyJet

Importance of a Strategic Vision

For an organization, its vision works like a glue that keeps the operations together. Any company functions within the limitations and directions of its strategy, maintaining a particular approach to business. The existence of a strategic vision aids organizations in establishing their own market identity, finding their niche in the field, and moving forward (Cute, 2021). In the case of Google, the presence of a strategy defines ways in which the Corporation handles its work process, supervision, and hiring practices in particular.

The Development of Google’s Strategy

Over the years, Google has grown from a small two-man company to an online conglomerate encompassing various services. Throughout the organization’s existence, its founders have worked to support their vision of an innovative and creative workplace, one that allows its employees to perform well while also being fulfilled with their jobs (Cuofano, 2020). With the variety of offered perks that were included, a lack of heavy supervision, and a move towards personal creativity, google has gradually become a beacon of employee-centered corporate design in the tech industry. With the addition of a number of other brands under Google’s name, the company continues to nurture creativity, independence, and growth within each of them.

Importance of Setting Objectives

Setting objectives in organization management is an important task. Understanding what a company needs to do and how it needs to do it is the key to market growth for every organization. The process of working towards an objective helps companies keep the focus on what is important and achieve long-term goals (“Purpose of setting objectives”).

Google and EasyJet Comparison

EasyJet can be noted as a company with a wide system of management, which is separated into departments. Each particular part of the organization is overseen by its own committee, allowing managers to focus on optimizing particular types of work (“Governance,” n.d.). Google, on the other hand, has a two-level system of management and a much more lax approach to monitoring its employees, favoring peer review as the main method of quality control (“How google manages its people,” n.d.). The quality control systems employed by the tech company facilitate creative interactions between members of the same team, focusing on providing structure and a feeling of control to an otherwise creativity-led environment.

EasyJet management, on the other hand, has a more traditional approach to working with their employees, choosing to instead focus on effectively allocating human resources for their operation. In terms of strategic planning and development, Google primarily relies on developing new products, services, and approaches, using market penetration as its main means of advancement. This approach relies heavily on constantly generating new creative ideas and generally aligns with Google’s views towards staff management. For EasyJet, on the other hand, focusing on its existing niche and bringing gradual improvement seems to be the most prominent strategy. Instead of expanding outward, the company chooses to solidify its position as an affordable and reliable service.

Financial Strategies Engaged

Due to the coronavirus crisis, EasyJet has decided to stop all flights. Nevertheless, the airline’s management will not refuse an order for 107 new Airbus A320-Neo family aircraft worth 4.5 billion pounds (“Governance,” n.d.). At the same time, the founder and the largest shareholder of the carrier, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, opposes the deal. The financial strategy of the airline was determined by a vote of investors, which put an end to the disagreements. It was important for EasyJet to keep this order, as it was helpful in the future growth of the company. Unilateral termination of the contract would entail hefty penalties that would shake the financial position of the carrier. At the same time, all the necessary steps for the purchase have already been taken. In April, a delay in the delivery of 24 previously ordered aircraft was agreed upon (“Governance,” n.d.). Large payments to the contractor accompanied the transfer to the customer.

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