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There are so many ways a proper title can benefit your writing! It can attract the readers' attention and make your piece stand out from other papers. Also, a successful title can give you food for thought and prevent writer's block.

However, creating a title yourself can be time-consuming. We designed a free quantitative research title maker which will do all the work for you! Learn more about the tool and the importance of the title in this article.

🛎️ Why Is Research Title Important?

A research title is essential because it:

  • Contains the core idea of your writing;
  • Helps readers understand what to expect from your writing and how it differs from other research papers;
  • Inspires you while writing and increases the visibility of your paper.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Titles

There are two types of research: qualitative and quantitative (and mixed). It is essential to differentiate between these two types of writing to choose the correct title for your paper.

🎤 Qualitative research 📊 Quantitative research
This type focuses on an in-depth understanding of a phenomenon, event, opinions, trends, etc. This type is all about numbers and figures. It uses specific data, statistics, and other measurements to test a hypothesis.
Qualitative research methods include:
  • Interviews,
  • Focus groups,
  • Observation.
Quantitative methods include:
  • Surveys,
  • Questionnaires,
  • Probability sampling.
Qualitative titles cover abstract and debatable topics. A title should indicate the techniques you use to obtain the correlations, associations, etc.

🚨 Research Titles' Dos and Don'ts

Here're some things to keep in mind when working on your research title.

What to DO in your title:

  1. Make a clear and concise title, using only relevant terms.
  2. Use a descriptive phrase instead of a whole sentence if possible.
  3. Focus on keywords from your research in your title to make them visible.
  4. Include between 5 and 15 words in your title not to make it too complex.
  5. Use action phrases and active verbs in your title instead of passive forms.
  6. Make your title according to the assignment or journal requirements.
  7. Capitalize all the main words in your title.
  8. Summarize the research key findings in your title.
  9. Brainstorm several titles before you choose the final version.
  10. Share your title ideas with your supervisor or friends to find the one that works best.

What NOT to DO:

  1. Don't make your title too long and unspecific.
  2. Don't use question marks, hyphens, and colons in your title.
  3. Don't add too many nouns in your title, making it noun-heavy.
  4. Don't use acronyms that others might not know in your title.
  5. Don't ask questions in your title, even rhetorical ones.
  6. Don't name the type of your paper in the title, such as essay, report, or article.
  7. Don't make your title longer than 100 characters.
  8. Don't use an excessive number of prepositions and articles in your title.
  9. Don't capitalize articles, conjunctions, and prepositions in your title.
  10. Don't use terms you don't understand and don't have in your research paper.

🎭 Good and Bad Title Examples

If you still wonder what the difference between efficient and inefficient titles is, consider these examples with our recommendations.

👎 Bad 👍 Good 🤓 Recommendations
Seasonal affective disorder and its symptoms. What are the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder in kids? It's good if you aim at making your title short but avoid being too general. Narrow your title down to the specific aspect you cover in your research.
Critical thinking is a must-have for you. How critical thinking can improve students' academic performance. Carefully evaluate the language you use in your title. Don't be too personal, and avoid slang words. Always stick to the academic style and use relevant terms.

🪄 How Our Title Generator Will Help You

As you see, there are plenty of nuances to consider when making a research title. However, you can always use our quantitative research title maker, which will do most of the work for you. Check out these benefits of the tool!

  • It's free. You can use it for all your papers; there are no hidden payments.
  • It saves you time. You can get your research title ready in a few clicks.
  • It's online. You can create a perfect title using any electronic device you have.
  • It creates 100% original titles. The tool scans all the online research titles and ensures yours is entirely authentic.
  • It makes your paper stand out. The generator comes up with the most engaging titles, increasing the quality of your writing.

💁 How to Use Our Tool?

Our tool aims at creating the most suitable and attractive title for your research paper. However, to use the quantitative research title generator most productively, there's something you need to think of.

  • Before coming up with a title, you need to formulate the main idea, the thesis statement, and the keywords of your writing. We've prepared a small form where you need to put some of these elements. Only with this essential information about your paper will the tool be able to generate the perfect title.
  • Remember that there's a solution whenever you feel stuck with your research paper. Try our quantitative research title generator and get your perfect title ready in a few clicks!

We hope that this article, as well as the paper rewriter, was useful for you. Check the other writing instruments we offer: note summarizer, essay summarizer, sentence rewriter, and thesis maker.


What is a quantitative research title generator?

Quantitative research title maker is a free tool designed specifically for students. It generates an efficient and 100% authentic research title based on the main idea of the writing. The tool is available online with no hidden payments.

What is a research paper title?

A research title introduces your paper by summarizing the main idea. It should include the keywords of your writing and be concise. An efficient research title can add value to your writing and make more people interested in it.

What are the qualities of a good title?

An efficient research title should be specific, concise, and interesting to the readers. It should carefully reflect the content of your research and be relevant to each part of the paper. Finally, a good research title focuses on the essential keywords.

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