SWOT Analysis Software with Templates

💻 SWOT Software: How It Works

SWOT Analysis Software is a free online tool that transforms random information into a reader-friendly illustration. To get your sample chart, complete these three simple steps:

  1. Enter the data in the designated input fields.
  2. Choose what you would like the infographic to look like.
  3. Select the format in which you wish to download the result.

🤔 SWOT Analysis: What It Is

To put it simply, SWOT analysis is a way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a person or company, as well as their opportunities and risks.

Managers should regularly analyze the company’s processes to ensure efficient functioning and success of their business.

We recommend performing the analysis in SWOT software in the following cases:

  • Before any serious action or commercial decision to count its pros and cons;
  • While exploring new initiatives to predict their outcomes;
  • While performing a plan to test its effectiveness;
  • Before accepting the recommendations and strategies offered by consultants;
  • When the business is close to failure, it helps to leverage its strengths and opportunities and overcome its weaknesses and threats.

A SWOT analysis report consists of internal and external factors distributed among the four categories:

  1. Strengths are internal,
  2. Weaknesses are internal,
  3. Opportunities are external,
  4. Threats are external.

Note that the circumstance can turn from strengths into weaknesses, from opportunities to threats and back within the two groups.

Internal: strengths or weaknesses
  • Money (capital and investments)
  • Production resources (tools and raw materials)
  • Human resources
  • Intangible assets (trademarks, copyrights, and patents)
  • Organizational processes (hierarchy, accounting software, etc.)
External: opportunities or threats
  • Demographics
  • Economic and market trends
  • Ecology and weather conditions
  • Political and economic regulations
  • Relationships with partners and competitors
  • Funding

⚖️ SWOT Benefits & Drawbacks

SWOT analysis can determine the state of the company’s development. It has a number of benefits, making it one of the most popular analytical tools.

✅ The Benefits

  1. SWOT focuses on the essential factors affecting your business, ignoring the less critical details.
  2. It helps to:
    • Enhance strengths;
    • Tackle weaknesses;
    • Deter threats;
    • Avail of opportunities.
  3. SWOT allows the development of achievable goals and drawing up a project for their implementation for the team.
  4. SWOT does not require the presence of a business analyst cutting your costs.
  5. It is a swift tool that enables early response to urgent issues.
  6. It is a powerful booster for professional brainstorming.
  7. With correct preparation, SWOT Analysis Software will visualize the results for free in no time.

❌ The Drawbacks

However, the tool has its drawbacks. Consider them before making the final business decision:

  1. SWOT is not a full-scale analytical instrument but rather a business planning stage.
  2. Complex issues will require different and more comprehensive tools.
  3. It helps to generate ideas but doesn’t indicate which of them is the most appropriate.
  4. It does not provide ready-made solutions.
  5. It is of no use for double-sided or questionable products and business solutions.

📝 SWOT Essay Examples

This section contains a collection of SWOT essay examples to boost your inspiration.

  1. Colgate-Palmolive Company: SWOT Analysis

    The paper focuses on Colgate-Palmolive, a multinational publicly-traded company headquartered in the United States.

  2. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.: The SWOT Analysis

    The case study looks at Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the second largest retail business in the world that serves over 200 million customers per week.

  3. Personal Development Plan: SWOT Analysis

    This paper is an example of personal SWOT analysis performed help the author make a personal development plan.

  4. McDonald’s Company: Practical SWOT Analysis

    This paper aims to analyze McDonald’s, the world’s most popular quick-service food chain selling burgers, French fries, drinks, and more.

  5. SWOT Analysis. Business Basics

    The essay explains the basics of SWOT analysis tool in strategic planning.

📌 SWOT Software FAQ

What Are the Benefits of SWOT Analysis?

  1. It costs you nothing as you can perform it without hiring any professional.
  2. It has many applications, from strategic planning to business problem-solving.
  3. It offers a comprehensive understanding of your position among the competitors.
  4. It does not go into unnecessary detail.

What Are the Disadvantages of SWOT Analysis?

  1. It can oversimplify the existing circumstances.
  2. It only detects problems but does not offer solutions.
  3. When done without proper subsequent conclusions, it can descend into empty considerations.
  4. It may offer too many ideas, and you’ll have to prioritize them at your own risk.

How to Perform a SWOT Analysis on a Business?

  • Analyze the internal circumstances.
  • Identify the existing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyze the competitive environment and the industry.
  • Identify the potential opportunities and threats.
  • Enter the findings into the respective fields of SWOT software.
  • Select the design and file type.
  • Download the result.

How Does SWOT Analysis Software Work?

SWOT Analysis Software systematizes the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities user inserts in their respective fields. It produces a clear picture of what is going on with the company. The result is downloadable in docx, pdf, jpg, and png formats. Besides, you can choose the infographic design from various available templates.

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