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Technological Solution for Business


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The current email is written to introduce a new technological solution for the business problem. Our company specializes in the manufacturing of such products for smartphones as headphones, portable batteries, and wires. However, in recent times there has been a recession in sales. A possible solution for the identified problem is substituting the production of ordinary wired headphones and batteries for wireless ones.

Currently, such giants as Apple and Samsung dictate the fashion in wireless products for smartphones. Therefore, customers gradually lose their interest in the old-fashioned wired items and follow the trend. It would be highly beneficial to include new types of devices in the production since this step would make the company more competitive on the market of accessories for smartphones. The creation of traditional goods should not be entirely ceased; instead, wireless goods should be added to the range of products.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

IT-department representative

Fact Sheet

  • A new range of products to be implemented in production includes wireless portable batteries and headphones.
  • These products are not new in the market; however, the competitive advantage of our products should be a comparatively low price. Moderate prices are the only way to compete with giant corporations in the field.

Quarterly unit sales of true wireless hearables worldwide
Figure 1. [Quarterly unit sales of true wireless hearables worldwide in 2018 and 2019(in millions)] (Statista Research Department, 2020).
It is reasonable to put the recommended products into manufacturing since this would help the business to keep up with the times. Data retrieved from Statista Research Department (2020) illustrates that the sales of wireless headphones are constantly increasing. This implies that people are becoming more interested in purchasing this good. Thus, the company should rethink its range of products.

  • IT-engineers should develop schemes on how to produce these goods.
  • When the products are created, the department of marketing must include information on them into regular emails that are sent to regular customers. According to Wu et al. (2018), email distribution could increase the number of sales in the long-term perspective.
  • Therefore, the implementation of new products consists of three key phases: development of the idea, marketing, and selling.

Description of the Writing Process

The text is addressed to the executive leadership of the organization contains precise recommendations for further product implementation. Instead, the goal of a paper targeted at such an audience is to catch their attention and persuade the proposed idea to be perspective and deserves their attention. When the text is addressed to the cross-functional team, it is consistent with precise plans on what, when, and by whom should be done. Writing such a paper includes the analysis of statistics, markets, and annual reports of the company to provide comprehensive information regarding the issue.

Explanation on How Analysis of the Following Audience Attributes Informed the Purpose for Each Artifact

Subject knowledge has particular importance when communicating with staff members and assigning tasks for them; it is key to the creation of the informative fact sheet. Executive leadership is not that interested in minor details on the implementation of a product. The position of the employee in the organization determines what kind of text he or she will receive: either precise plans on production or a more extended explanation of the necessity to manufacture a product. Besides, while writing the documents, it should be noted that the heads of the organization often do not spend much time reading emails and memorandums. In contrast, the reading style of the ordinary employees is more careful. The texts should also take into consideration personal attitudes of the readers. In other words, artifacts should emphasize values of the readers. The interest of the leaderships is seen in the attempt to increase the companys prosperity, while staff members are interested in doing tasks of their specialization. Finally, when the text addresses the primary readers, it should contain specific information related to their functions in the company. Writings for secondary and international readers should be less technical and more captivating.


Statista Research Department (2020). Quarterly unit sales of true wireless hearables worldwide in 2018 and 2019 (in millions).

Wu, J., Li, K. J., & Liu, J. S. (2018). Bayesian inference for assessing effects of email marketing campaigns. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 36(2), 253-266.

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