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The Democratic Leadership Style

The organization I currently work for, Keeprite Refrigeration, focuses on cooling and refrigeration units. The mission of Keeprite Refrigeration is to take a flexible and innovative approach while providing high-quality products that are subject to continuous improvement. The vision of the company consists of meeting the needs of its customers and establishing long-term partnerships through leadership in the market (Keeprite, 2017). The realization of both the mission and vision of Keeprite can be seen in their continued presence in the market, as the company is ISO certified and placed at number two nationwide within cooling unit industries. Keeprite is being flexible by offering their employees good work environments, insurance, bonuses, and long-term employment. Additionally, Keeprite is able to innovate when working on existing and future products by being involved with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders within the industry. The company works to improve the skills of employees to keep them competitive within the market. Since communication is one of the most essential part of the functioning organization, Keeprite values the involvement of all employees in the development of the company, as well as innovation and strong relationships with partners and customers are upheld in day-to-day proceedings. Organizational goals are to create targets for leaders and employees within the company that are future- and progress-oriented. Keeprite allows for improvement of the workplace and workflow through internal communication regarding company policies.

Within smaller companies, involved leadership is essential in clear communication, allocation of roles, and the inclusion of all employees and leaders alike. As such, a democratic leadership approach has fundamentally assisted Keeprite in establishing continuous improvement and the option for employees to be involved in a number of company processes (Keeprite, 2020). This means that some employees might participate not only in discussions, but also in decisions regarding several company components such as policy, production methods, and more. The same communication is available to customers, who feel a sense of leadership that cares about their input. Generally, the culture that is promoted by Keeprite is visible in the communications and behaviors of leaders and employees alike. Both are able to communicate their needs or their requirements while also being attentive to the input and opinions of others they work for. In cases of conflict or disagreement, settlements and compromise were often met. As such, the aspects that the company values, such as the involvement of all employees, innovation, and strong relationships with partners and customers are upheld in day-to-day proceedings.

My leadership style can be defined as democratic, which means that I am always attempting to involve all team members and that I value their input and opinions highly (Cherry, 2021). I am also very proficient with my organizational skills, which helps me navigate conflicts and issues as a leader in the workplace. Some of my other traits impede my leadership skills, as I may be less approachable due to being introverted and irritable in certain cases. Despite the drawbacks, I am able to employ my management skills in ways that empower others to collaborate and make changes. Additionally, the combination of my personality traits and my leadership style makes me adept at problem-solving, which is a necessary skill in a workplace that allows all contributors to disclose their opinions and ideas. I am also able to provide high-quality training to personnel, rationally allocate resources and employees, and increase the efficiency of the company by making managerial decisions. Although I may lack certain characteristics to be an exemplary democratic leader, I am able to provide co-workers with the resources and tools they need in order to innovate and improve our products in ways that adhere to our company’s vision.


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