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The Nando’s Restaurant’s Company Analysis


The well-known Chicken Nando’s restaurant is already open in many countries worldwide. The restaurant serves chicken with a special sauce and garnish. Indeed, in some states of America, there is already a restaurant of this chain, but the company should expand to other cities, such as Los Angeles, California. This city is one of the largest cities in America, which will make it possible to attract many residents to increase the number of fans of this restaurant chain.

Value Proposition and Design

The value proposition of this company is that chicken, marinade, and sauce can create a memorable impression. In addition, the company provides various side dishes that are an excellent addition to a poultry dish. The company also creates a unique atmosphere through the interior, which complements the impression of eating (Eater, 2:31-2:33).


The company is already globalized, which means that it is located in many cities and countries worldwide. Naturally, there are still many other countries where the chain can expand, but each country has its characteristics that need to be considered when growing.

Growth Strategy and Leadership

The company already has a lot of advantages over other world-famous brands of chicken dishes. In this regard, the growth strategy will be to increase the number of restaurants around the world. The price level must be kept approximately at an average level since a particular segment of consumers can connect based on the reasonable cost and high quality of dishes. As for leadership, the company is the undisputed leader, as it offers something that no company has yet been able to come up with.

Managing People

For the success of the restaurant chain, it is necessary to select staff who will love their work, take care of preserving the reputation of the company and promote the repeated visits of customers. Chefs must observe technology and cleanliness in the workplace to preserve the uniqueness of the taste and quality of dishes.


The company has developed to the level where the most successful marketing will not be custom advertising from stars who have ever visited a restaurant and were satisfied. Also, word of mouth is used as a marketing tool, which does not require significant investments in marketing.

Managing Operations

Managing operations, in this case, will be to purchase ingredients to create dishes, sauces, and side dishes. It is necessary to carefully control the products supplied to ensure that the dish eventually meets the company’s quality standards.

Organizational Culture

The organizational culture of restaurants is based on the preparation of special dishes and sauces that differ from all offered on the market. The interaction of all participants in the cooking process who know about the goals and mission of the company gives a truly unique product.

Reorganization and Succession Planning

Reorganization of the enterprise is not required since, at present, it is an independent unit that does not need the help of other similar enterprises or any merger. For succession planning, it is necessary to identify several employees who have achieved some success in developing the company who will be able to claim the role of a manager in the future.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: uniqueness of dishes and sauces, authentic design of restaurants

Weaknesses: insufficient prevalence in different countries

Opportunities: menu expansion, distribution to other countries

Threats: opening similar restaurants with a more diverse menu and an interesting offer


Political: state regulation of the restaurant sector in the new country of opening.

Economic: changes in demand due to the level of income of consumers.

Socio-cultural: the reluctance of the majority of the country’s population to eat the dishes offered by the company.

Technological: the emergence of new cooking technologies that can create competition for the company.

Legal: a ban on the presence of a foreign company on the territory of the country due to sanctions or other factors.

Environmental: low level of raw products in the country, which will have a negative impact on the quality of the finished product.


In conclusion, the company is successful and has many opportunities for growth and development.


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