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Verizon Wireless Employees’ Job Satisfaction

In a market economy, the competitiveness of enterprises and the feasibility of their activities in the future is based primarily on the effectiveness of their functioning. In this regard, it is of great importance to evaluate the performance of the organization. This paper will discuss the organizational issue, namely, employee job satisfaction at Verizon Wireless, to analyze the current state of the problem and propose possible solutions.

The organization that was selected is Verizon Wireless company, an American telecommunications company. Verizon is presented in 150 locations, with 135 thousand employees worldwide. It is a global leader in advanced communications and technology software solutions that help its clients to live, work, study, and play (“Our Company” n.d.). The company has wireless and all-fiber networks and famous brands, such as Yahoo and TechCrunch, that enable clients to connect, communicate, and be informed about global news (“Our Company” n.d.). The issue that was identified at the company on an organizational level is employee job satisfaction that adversely influences the productivity of the company. This issue will be investigated further, and solutions to it will be discussed.

To analyze the organizational issues, it is necessary to assess the current corporate culture at Verizon Wireless. It should be noted that the vision and the mission of the company are not stated explicitly on the company’s website. Instead, the site suggests that Verizon is “committed to making the world a better place,” “employees work with purpose,” and the company is aimed at “delivering strong results for our shareowners” (“Our Company” n.d., par. 16). The company pays a lot of attention to diversity, equality, and human rights (“Company Policies” n.d.) However, the lack of information on employees’ learning and development opportunities may suggest that corporate culture has contributed to the organizational issue due to the different focus and imbalanced attention toward other cultures’ features.

Organizations’ areas of weakness as they relate to employee job satisfaction can be found based on reviews and reports. According to 27 thousand Verizon employee reviews on, work-life balance, job security, and advancement, management categories are all below 4.0 points on a scale of 1 to 5, which is a relatively low level (“Verizon Employee Reviews” n.d.). Journalists also highlight that compensation and benefits are excellent at Verizon; however, they also note that an employee should “have drive and be motivated to work hard every day” (Verizon Careers 2019, par. 3). The data suggests that there is the pressure coming from the necessity to deliver reliable results that, at a certain point, cannot be compensated by a high salary, according to theory (Andrews 2019). Overall, the main weaknesses are opportunities for growth, tension at work, lack of work-life balance among minor others.

There can be presented several solutions to address employee job satisfaction at Verizon Wireless. As it was identified that the employees’ compensation is high, it can be proposed that the company should relocate its expenses from giving high salaries to creating on-job training and improving self-actualization. Second, to resolve the work-life balance issue, the management team should introduce flexible hours working policies and ensure that workers’ targets are timed properly without additional work overload. Finally, substantial attention is paid to diversity, equality, and inclusion, which cannot fulfill employees’ satisfaction level, according to the assessment. Therefore, the focus of the company can be temporarily switched to the provision of merit-based career advancement, horizontal rotations, different teams’ collaborations to ensure that employees are involved and get appropriate management.

To conclude, one can say that the effectiveness of employees’ activities is a guarantee of the attractiveness of the company for investors, contractors, as well as the possible new hires of the organization. Therefore, Verizon Wireless, being a global leader in telecommunications, should address the issue of employee job satisfaction to ensure that people that are working at the company are motivated and engaged in driving innovations.


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